WOW! An advertising site that allows you to sell your unused credits!

Yes, you read the above correctly, YOU CAN SELL YOUR UNUSED CREDITS!

If you don't intend to advertise, or you have excess credits, you can encash them.

*  The encash value varies daily, depending on our earnings and the amount of credits you encash. Please note that the more credits you encash, the lesser the encash value per credit. For example, 50 credits may be converted into $0.30 but 100 credits may only be converted to $0.43. Hence we encourage you to encash as soon as you can. (Note that this is just an example. Actual amount may vary.) Don't forget that this encashment is in addition to the Daily Revenue Share that you have already earned.

*   You need a minimum of 50 credits before you can encash.

*   Limited to maximum 1 conversion a day.

*  Up to 10% Daily Revenue Share.  Just view 10 ads daily!

This is a MUST Join Site!

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