gives Activity Points for
logging into your T4W account and for each site surfed at T4W

The activity points feature at HitLink is one of many rewarding systems they have for their members. By being active at HitLink and you'll earn activity points. Each week when their JackPot releases the prizes, the TOP Activity Points earners get to divide the JackPot for that week.

The JackPot at HitLink is a rewarding and technically advanced Jackpot system that will reward with the below at HitLink:
1: Cash at HitLink
2: Referrals at HitLink
3: WebSite Hits at HitLink
4: Banners Impressions at HitLink
5: Text ad Impressions at HitLink

To start earning HitLink Activity Points at, you'll need to be a member at

Once a member of HitLink, you'll need to go to your Profile at and input your username.

* Members will earn 100 HitLink Activity Points everyday for logging into T4W daily!
* Members will earn 2 HitLink Activity Points for each site surfed at T4W! There will be special times in which you can earn up to 4 HitLink Activity Points for each site surfed!
* You can earn a MAXIMUM of 10,000 HitLink Activity Points per week at T4W

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